Dec 17, 2013
Wolfgang Gartner Swims With ‘Piranhas’
Wolfgang Gartner - Piranha (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]

Wolfgang Gartner dives into dangerous waters with Piranha, his beautiful-but-deadly new single out today on his own Kindergarten Recordings.

Wolfgang doesn’t waste any time plunging into the initially serene scene humming with glassy synth and the inviting vocal track; however, something slowly approaches from downstream. Flashing arpeggios arrive in schools and surround our Amazonian adventurer as they wait for the drop, presumably signaling dinner. The second build concludes in an even more violent fashion, during which I’m further convinced that Gartner is being shredded by carnivorous fish.

Piranha is a delightful detour from the all-out electro bangers he’s so famous for, yet it still packs plenty of that Wolfgang bite. Pick up your copy here.

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