Aug 30, 2010
Wolfgang And Friends
Wolfgang Gartner & Deadmau5 - Animal Rights (Original Mix) [Mau5trap]

Electro house pioneer Wolfgang Gartner has gone above and beyond in the past few years to prove that his style is both unique and out of this world. Although his 40-ish solo releases have all really been outstanding, I think Gartner needs to see what else the music world can do for him. Throughout the past year we’ve seen his attempts on remixing mainstream music. While some of these were truly hits (his remix of Britney Spears’ 3 for example), the majority really lacked the quality and finesse expected from the Wolfgang name. With all of that being said, I’m glad to see this musical entrepreneur beginning to collaborate with artists of similar caliber. Recently, we covered his collab with house star Mark Knight known as Conscindo which has continued to top charts since its release. His most recent song, a collaboration with Deadmau5 under the name Animal Rights, proves to me that regardless of his vicious beats, Wolfgang really is a friendly DJ.

Right off the bat Animal Rights hits you with what is one of the funkiest beats I’ve heard from either Wolfgang or Deadmau5. Both artists lend their unique flavor to the tune, but it really comes together very smoothly. You’ll hear the bouncy Deadmau5 beat and spurts of the techy electro that I love Mr. Gartner for. The song has more of a groovy feel than releases from either end of this collaboration, but it’s strangely exactly what I’d expect from this duo. It’s an original sound that can still be traced back to both ends involved. Enjoy!

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