Feb 18, 2014
Jump Into Flosstradamus’ ‘Mosh Pit’

Trap’s commanders-in-cheef J2K and Autobot of Flosstradamus starred in another beautifully chaotic video, this time offering Mosh Pit set to a dark rager full of their rabid fanbase.

The guys of Floss don’t overcomplicate things in official videos, but they do tend to showcase their unique persona front-and-center, usually surrounded by madness, whether it be a post-apocalyptic sideshows or the wild rave scene we’re appropriately treated to for Mosh Pit. Previous Flosstradamus vids open with warnings for those “not ready to turn up,” and this one gets an epilepsy-specific warning for obvious reasons. The intense and frantic footage is a perfect match for the track’s feel, which should get you craving the energy of a live set from the hoodieboyz as soon as possible.

Pick up a copy of Mosh Pit featuring Casino here.

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