Aug 18, 2010
Wish Upon a Star
Blame feat Camilla Marie - Star (Dub Mix)

Blame, a UK jungle veteran, is by no means unfamiliar to the concept of uplifting drum’n’ bass. In fact, it’s been deemed his trademark sound; Because of You and Stay Forever, two of his most popular tracks from his earlier career, are quite melodic as far as drum’n’ bass goes. It’s always refreshing to hear another side of a genre that’s typically known for being a little one-sided. Blame, however, is completely at ease with his place in the scene. As an extremely prolific producer who got started quite early (he made his first hit at 17), his perspective on his music is as mature as it is profound:

“What I wanted to do was to take my DnB sound and try to expand upon it with different vocals and tempos, so I’ve spent a lot of time with some incredible artists in the studio over the last year trying to achieve that. I feel the special part of Drum & Bass has always been the way it never stands still, and that new sounds and influences have always been readily incorporated. I think pushing the boundaries is something that is very important for the scene to continue and grow. DnB has got so much energy and character, and I wanted people across different music styles to feel that.”

-Conrad Shafie, a.k.a. Blame, DogsOnAcid Interview

Well Blame, you’ve succeeded brilliantly. His new single Star, due for release with his new album in late September, simply transcends what we know as drum’n’ bass today. Progressive, uplifting and heavy in all the right ways, Star is just massive. A core vocal track ties together blaring melodies and insane drops, incorporating elements of classic house, dubstep and of course, jungle. The end result is an absolute masterpiece; power seeps out from this track like an atom bomb. Don’t be afraid to blow this one up in your house.

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