Dec 02, 2010
Who's Your Kraddy?
Kraddy - Android Porn [Glitch Mob Unlimited]
Kraddy - No Comply [Minotaur]

It seems like almost every day I find a new artist that grabs my attention. However, It’s not so often that I find a DJ that finds a way to throw a piece of nitrogen in the water and cause a huge explosion. Today I bring you one such demolition man. Kraddy hails from Venice Beach, California, and like any good Californian, he enjoys the electro sound. In fact, he started up a little group called The Glitch Mob. They were prolific in the upcoming LA “beat” scene, which produced other EDM stars like Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing. Kraddy decided to go solo due to “creative differences,” but has been as killer as ever.

Take for instance the glitch hop classic, Android Porn. If the name didn’t catch your attention, then the track itself will. It starts off with pounding kick drums and power drill samples that works into some dirty electro synths and eventually powers up to an android orgasm (did I really just write that?). Androids know how to get down, because this track is all over the place. It’s no wonder this song became a glitch classic. Moving on to something new off of Kraddy’s Labyrinth EP, No Comply is a bit more to the point. I think this track speaks for Kraddy’s style perfectly–hard, drilling synth on top of booming bass and sexy breaks. Phange and I saw him open up for Pretty Lights last week, and trust me when I say this mob-don-gone-lone-wolf (say that three times fast) knows how to throw it down.

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