Aug 22, 2010
Where Is Killroy?
Alexey Kotlyar - Killroy Was Here (Original Mix) [Starstraxx]

Ukranian born Alexey Kotlyar is a techno DJ/Producer and owner of label AK Recordings. Alexey has always focused on funky, hardgroove, tribal production. His most recent work is a funky techno track titled Killroy Was Here under Starstraxx Records.

Killroy Was Here is a top-notch techno track that utilizes a warm bassline with a nice touch of booming tribal percussion. The track has a really engaging flow that features these tiny industrial tech synths in the background and a minimal progressive touch in the main melody. Alexey really throws you into another place during those breakdowns where the track shifts into this other psychedelic dimension with this horror-movie type vibe. It makes you feel like you’re a living in a moment where something big is about to happen… some horrific yet really appealing event.

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