Oct 24, 2010
When God Turned Off The Sun
Daniel Mahüad - Departure (Original Mix) [Silk Digital]

Why do we have this fascination with films and books depicting the end of the world? How do feelings of despair and hopelessness make for entertainment? Whatever the reason, it has certainly found its way into our music. Nineteen year-old Daniel Mahüad is a perfect example of a DJ/producer that can express the deepest and darkest moods through his progressive beats. His career has certainly grown in the past couple of years–he has already guest mixed on several global radio stations, including Solarstone’s Solaris International. The Mexico-based producer has even managed to score releases on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records and the Ukrainian Really Really Big Records.

Recently Daniel struck success with Departure, which was signed to popular Russian progressive label Silk Digital. This track truly sticks out, with its uniquely grim choice of haunting pads and gloomy basslines. Adding to the somber atmosphere are high-pitched glitchy tones and persistent echoes. This track is so bleak it begs the question–what kind of departure are we headed for?

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