Aug 23, 2010
When Forces Combine
Afrojack & Sidney Samson - Quacky (Original Mix) [Wall]
Afrojack feat Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Original Mix) [Wall]

Months ago, my pals Shmurkio and Phange showed me a video of dutch house producers Sidney Samson and Afrojack collaborating in the studio. At that point the bomb of a track had no name. I knew that upon release the song would not only be a personal favorite of mine but also have its way with club-goers internationally. Well it’s here, and it’s Quacky.

Now if you’ve been following LessThan3 you’ll know that neither Sidney Samson or Afrojack need introductions. They’ve both had their breakout hits and it’s now time to see where they can take their careers. With plans to produce albums for some of the biggest mainstream artists today, it seems both producers are capitalizing on their professional opportunities. While their styles may be similar, Quacky shows distinct input from each side.

I know that we usually do what we can here at LessThan3 to give a more detailed writeup for songs we post, but in this case all I have to say is GAT DAYUM.

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