Dec 21, 2013
‘When All Else Fails,’ Turn To The Thrillseekers
The Thrillseekers - When All Else Fails (Original Mix) [Adjusted]

There are certain names which are synonymous with the trance scene, either because of massive tracks they’ve produced, or the sheer longevity of their career. One name who firmly belongs in both categories is Steve Helstrip, better known as The Thrillseekerss.

His latest release, When All Else Fails, is another fine example of his work. It’s the driving and uplifting trance Steve has always been known for. There’s nothing too extreme going on here; the dreamy melodies, the subtle plucks, the delicate piano lines–albeit backed up with a pounding kick and bassline–come together to form a sold trance track that has a place in many a set and on the playlist of many a listener. Surely it’s a hit as a result? Normally, we’d never know, but Helstrip has offered almost unheard of and extremely telling access to just how well such a track might expect to sell.

Thanks to his openness, there are some shocking statistics on display via the Thrillseekers Facebook page, statistics such as a screenshot of nearly 4000 search-engine removals for illegal links to the track, which equate to “under 50 sales on Beatport.” As Christmas approaches, he mentions how a sitting at #18 on the Trance Chart means he can afford “4 deep-filled mince pies”, while creeping into the Top 10 could afford him a four pack of beers. But make no mistake, this is a not a cry of poverty. What Steve Helstrip has done here is to point out an almost unspoken taboo in EDM, by showing exactly how small sales figures are compared to demand via piracy. It’s such a rare thing to see, and Steve can only be applauded for it, so if you want to pick up When All Else Fails, buy it from a legitimate source and support the music you love.

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