Apr 26, 2011
Wheels in Bobmotion
Bobmo - Hardbells (Original Mix) [BNR Trax]
Bobmo - Hardbells (Rough Version) [BNR Trax]

After a successful showing on Ed Banger Presents: Let the Children Techno with his mechanical disco track Control, young French producer Bobmo is back with some new tunes, and as I suspected, they’re nothing short of beastly.

Like all artists, I expected (and hoped) that Bobmo’s sound would change, but I didn’t expect the turn for such relentless techy beats. Joy! His latest release, Hardbells, is a big punch in a small can. Designed to rattle the rafters at clubs, this minimalistic acid beat is going to bounce until your head rocks, and if you’re anything like me that won’t be too long.

I guess Bobmo wasn’t quite satisfied with the levels of craziness this track brings at 3am so he’s also included a “Rough Version” on the release as well, which packs twice the punch in half the time. A brief tour of what a hard trance kick can do to an already bangin’ minimal beat, if the original mix rattles the rafters, this one brings the place down.

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