Jul 26, 2012
What's Your Fantasea?
Azealia Banks - Fantasea (Original Mix)
Azealia Banks - Fierce (Original Mix)
Azealia Banks - Esta Noche (Original Mix)

With a swagger and confidence well beyond her years, Azealia has proclaimed her ownership of the female rap game with Fantasea. After the critically acclaimed success of her 1991 EP, the female rapper/singer has decided to give us a free mixtape, expanding on the sounds laid out previously by legends like Missy Elliott and newer faces like Nicki Minaj and Rye Rye. Add to that an Alexander Wang campaign and a buzz loud enough to make a beehive jealous, and it looks like we have another huge star in the making.

Fantasea is dripping with playful b*tchiness and raw, uncut beats that exemplify the purpose of a mixtape–to get awesome musical ideas out quickly, without a lot of post-production or the typical glossiness that goes into a fancy “official release.” Diplo, Munchi, Machinedrum, Hudson Mohawke, and Drums Of Death are thrown into the producer mix, but none take written credit on the tracks on Fantasea–all of the spotlight is on Azealia. Choosing my favorite tunes on this 19-track mixtape has proven to be virtually impossible as almost every track is a standalone gem, but the breakbeat-laden title track is a good place to start, featuring some unbelievable spitfire rapping from Azealia. The vogue house-inspired Fierce is likely to bring more than a few chuckles, featuring a sassy monologue in the middle from a typical performer one might find at a New York ballroom party. Esta Noche takes the Munchi track of the same name and turns it into a sassy, hand-on-the-hip smoker sure to facilitate many tawdry moments on the dancefloor.

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