May 08, 2011
What's New With Moby?
Moby - Sevastopol (Original Mix) [Little Idiot]
Moby - Victoria Lucas (Original Mix) [Little Idiot]

We all remember Moby as the peace-loving, new wave chill artist from the ’90s, but if you’ve been lucky enough to catch him at a more recent live performance, then you’d know his sets are anything but mellow. They are are as phenomenal as his artistic productions; I would even go so far as saying he was among my favorite sets at Ultra Music Festival this year. It’s interesting to see an artist play something in the live setting that differs greatly from what you’d expect out of his productions. In my opinion, I think it speaks volumes for his talent as a musician. But what gems has he set out into the world lately?

Back in February he released a refreshing three-track EP called Be The One. Although short in length, the EP aims for quality over quantity, and the tracks are evident as such. My favorite is the second track, Sevastopol. The gleaming lines of synths and samples really make this one stand out to me and are reminiscent of another artist I wrote about, Gold Panda. Closing out the EP is another breathtaking ride, this time through a sleeping city. The video for Victoria Lucas (below) was shot in Los Angeles in the darkest hour of night. In a way, it serves as a lullaby for all those busy with the ins and outs of everyday life. The soulful humming and piano have a certain warmth, which adds a nice bit of charm to a genre that can feel cold at times.

Liked what you heard? Well rejoice! Moby’s new album, Destroy, is slated to drop this month. You can also expect a review from yours truly once it releases. In the mean time, sit down, relax, and enjoy these tunes from Be The One.

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