Jul 11, 2011
What Goes Up Must Come Down
Ruby & Tony - Up & Down (Oza Remix) [Monster Tunes]
Oza - In Las Vegas (Original Mix) [Oxygen]
Espen Lorentzen feat Sylvi - Phoenix (Oza Remix) [Alter Ego]

Known to others as an Italian from Rome named Matteo, the artist by the alias of Oza began his career in EDM back in 2001 as a hardstyle DJ by the name of Plasmaraver. Falling in love with trance and progressive sound, he began his Oza project in 2009 with a fresh new sound. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for the powerful Oza remix of Up & Down by Ruby & Tony. Released on the aptly-named Monster Tunes, this hit’s piano stabs and vocal chops are sure to make any club bounce. Cleverly crafted from the first beat, Oza used the best drums and melodies to perfect his delivery.

Earlier this year, Oza’s musical explorations lead him to experiment with some techy elements for In Las Vegas. This tune most certainly lives up to the wild and crazy nature of the city. Quite a fan of Sin City himself, his Oza project is named after Oscar Zeta Acosta aka Dr. Gonzo, the American attorney written about by Hunter S. Thompson in his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (driver’s seat character). Another direction he took involved altering the tune Phoenix by Norway’s Espen Lorentzen. Released on Alter Ego Progressive, his version graces Sylvi’s voice with a stunning breaks-driven breakdown.

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