Mar 13, 2012
What Beats a Mustache Riot?
Mustache Riot - Golden Child (Original Mix) [LessThan3]

We first caught wind of We Bang in 2010 when his catchy, dance-step track Smash The Floor busted its way into the #3 spot for the year’s Top 25 Tunes. When we heard that he was teaming up with Natty FreQ, a top-notch bass production duo also out of California, we knew that the results would be surprising. Which is exactly why we’re happy to bring you guys one of their first releases FREE on our own label.

Golden Child is one of Mustache Riot’s earliest offerings, and brings quite a bit to an already crowded table. Their future glitch influence alongside modern bass techniques make for a unique dubstep track that retains a solid groove amidst its cross-dimensional synths. It seems as if the use of raw strings are finally starting to find their place in modern dance music, and oh, how well they fit. The track will be available on Beatport March 25th, but we just couldn’t wait to give it out. Be sure to check out their just dropped album, We Bang and Natty FreQ Are Mustache Riot, on Smashed Beatz Records.

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