Mar 15, 2012
Weshy Washy
Sebastien Leger - Wesh Wesh Wesh (Original Mix) [Mistakes]
Sebastien Leger - Wesh Wesh Wesh (Format:B Remix) [Mistakes]

If you’re a fan of house with a techy twist, then you’re going to love Sebastien Leger’s newest single, Wesh Wesh Wesh. This track easily became one of my favorites by the guy the second I hit the play button. What’s more, there’s an equally badass remix by Format:B.

The track is comprised of a main funky chord of synth, with the occasional progressive buildup. Leger’s productions aren’t about the over-the-top production that comprises much of mainstream EDM, but rather about perfect repetition, and he polished sound on Wesh is a brimming example. For further techy goodness, check out the Format:B remix. Although it sounds similar to the original, it has a unique take that adds a little more grooviness. Both are awesome tracks for any club.

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