Nov 05, 2013
Welcome To Your ‘Phuture Doom’
Phuture Doom - Mach 100 (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Phuture Doom - Doom Terror Corps (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Phuture Doom - Paradise Lost (Original Mix) [OWSLA]

Detroit’s dark terror-tech outfit Phuture Doom dropped their eponymous debut LP today, dipped in deep, devious distortion and bent on destruction.

After an extended intro of chanting, Burn The Knowledge (already released on their Nightfall EP) sets the tone with a scathing dubstep-esque bass feel, and Black Acid Reign sees Phuture strut their black metal stuff with double-kick accoutrements paired with a tack-sharp lead synth line. True to its title, Han Breaks brings big, acid-infused break vibes for an upbeat-yet-dark addition to the collection. Continuing our dark tour of bass, PD drops in a little D&B and drumstep with Phuneral Phuture and Mach 100, some vocal phuture-trap in Paradise Lost, and marches us straight into hard dance territory with Doom Terror Corps and its enchanting vocal line.

The LP continues in this manner for a mean-as-f*ck foray into a fistful of different future-bass music flavors with an extra dark aesthetic, even flirting with dark for the sake of darkness at times. Although a strong first showing, the most impressive material on the LP was equally impressive three months ago. Nonetheless, I’d say this is definitely what the Devil’s raving to these days.

The overall creativity level from Phuture Doom is off the charts, rivaling fellow OWSLA boys The M Machine and their Metropolis liner notes with a digital booklet of their own. Check it here, if you dare.

Pick up Phuture Doom here, out now on OWSLA.

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