Oct 04, 2011
Welcome to the Dark Side
Calibre - Foreign Bodies (Original Mix) [Signature]
Calibre - Ugly Duckling (Original Mix) [Signature]

Are you sitting comfortably? Strapped in? Headphones on, ready to jack?

Calibre is the prolific alter-ego of Irishman Dominick Martin, and creator of some of the darkest, most unnerving drum’n’bass vibes of the last few years. He has been releasing music since 1998 and has earned a deserved reputation as one of the British scene’s premier producers. After a pair of releases for Samurai Red Seal and V Records, Calibre is back on his own Signature Records for Foreign Bodies/Ugly Duckling, his third release of 2011.

With the incredible rise of dubstep and the subsequent obsession with chopped vocals and dark atmospheres, drum’n’bass has taken a relative backseat while the young upstart takes the reins of underground dance music. What Calibre realized is that he could win over that same audience. The baying crowds wanted their chopped vocals and dark atmospheres, but did they necessarily need to get them from dubstep producers? Calibre gives us the moods prevalent in modern European dubstep, but packed in tightly with a sheer amount of kinetic energy that most dubstep tracks couldn’t even dream of possessing. Looping, disjointed vocal snippets and ominous shattered synths are present, but in place of dubstep’s swinging bass heavy rhythms you get breakneck pulses of percussive aggression.

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