Apr 30, 2012
Welcome To Justin Martin's Hood
Justin Martin - Hood Rich (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens (Original Mix) [dirtybird]

Ah, yes, the Dirtybird crew. Home to the funkiest, bassiest tech house in all the land. You know, that genre-bending, booty-grinding, true San Francisco treat. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, the newest release comes from label favorite Justin Martin. His two-track EP, Ghettos & Gardens, precedes the LP of the same name and builds tons of anticipation for the full-length.

The more conventional (if you can even call it that) track on Ghettos & Gardens is Hood Rich, which starts with a hip-hop party vibe, quickly launches into orchestral strings, and finally drops into vibrating LFOs. Funky sound effects wreak havoc on the senses, and before you know it your mind is grooving with Justin’s unique flow. The title track gives off another thrilling hip-hop vibe, but you quickly realize that you’ve never heard anything quite like this before. That drop…is it house? Is it dubstep? Who cares–we’re too busy getting down! The bigger the sound system, the better, for this wild ride into the Dirtybird ethos.

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