May 19, 2011
Wax, Wane, Womp Womp
Emalkay - When I Look at You (Original Mix) [Dub Police]
Emalkay - Fabrication (Original Mix) [Dub Police]
Emalkay - Space Hopper (Original Mix) [Dub Police]

Last summer, I heard Emalkay for the first time. It’s not that he was new to the scene, but a set I saw shed some attention on Emalkay’s track, When I Look At You. I was immediately sold, but I couldn’t find much Emalkay content out there. Earlier this month, Emalkay released his first full LP, Eclipse, and I’m not just content with it; I’m fully satisfied.

Emalkay’s dark, grungy sound is what makes him stand out so much as a producer. It’s his own flavor of womp, and listening through Eclipse takes you on quite the wompy ride. Would you expect less of someone who started producing music when he was 13? His associates over at Dub Police, the label on which Eclipse was released, must be proud.

I’m surprised Emalkay didn’t make it big sooner. Almost every track I’ve heard by him has been white-hot fire, capable of melting rock, and liable to leave an afterglow of pumice and obsidian where your brain used to be. Every song on Eclipse is worth giving a listen, but be sure to check out the oscillating Fabrication and Space-Hopper, which will have you visualizing yourself playing wonky life or death hopscotch on the fiery orbs that make up most constellations. On second thought, most of the tracks will have you feeling that way. Enjoy!

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