Oct 10, 2012
Water In The Desert
Eco - Desert Song (Original Mix) [Armada]
Eco - Prism (Original Mix) [Armada]
Eco - The Storm (Original Mix) [Armada]

LT3 favorite Eco has always had a reputation for producing trance that’s just a little bit offbeat of the norm, drawing from cross-genre influences all over the place and melding them into something uniquely his own. His latest offering on Armada’s A State of Trance sublabel is no different, with three deliciously nuanced tracks in the Desert Song EP.

The title track lives up to its name–a warbling vocal sample undercut by a constantly humming synth seems to hint at an Arabian “desert” influence. The melodies escalate well in the break; the build evokes memories of past hit Staring At The Sea but avoids sounding too similar to it. Second track Prism follows closely in this vein; it also includes a light, fluting vocal over neatly layered melodic builds. However, don’t think that this means it sounds anything like the preceding track; it’s a winning formula on Eco’s part precisely because each track still has a sound of its own.

For me, though, The Storm may be the standout of this EP. It’s less immediately riveting than the previous two tracks, but its simplicity serves to highlight the heavily but carefully edited main vocal in the break, which carries a haunting gravity. The track defies both typical vocal trance and track structure convention in one fell swoop, dropping straight back into the main driving instrumental without any flashy buildup after the vocal ends. It’s a neat bit of thinking outside-of-the-box that has always served Eco well, and will hopefully keep that trend going for a while to come. Grab the EP at Beatport.

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