Feb 03, 2015
Watch: Skrillex Gets ‘Doompy Poomp’ With New Short Film

Skrillex has teamed up with The Creators Project and French film director duo Fleur & Manu to create a trippy short feature set to one of the producer’s strangest tracks off his 2014 Recess album, Doompy Poomp.

The short film follows a manic mulleted dude through his over-the-top attempts to take a loan out, all while an Asian man eating a Butterfinger looks on with contempt. The video, the newest addition to a long list of bizarre yet beautiful videos from the award-winning directors, who are also responsible for Gesaffelstein’s Hate or Glory and Pursuit, as well as M83’s Wait, pairs perfectly with the odd atonal quality of what has to be Skrillex’ weirdest song to date.

Doompy Poomp was one of Skrillex’s worst received tracks and even he mentions this in his statement on The Creators Project website saying, “It was a really weird song and more of a joke I made a while ago. A lot of my fans don’t get this song and a lot of them hate this song as well so I that’s why I thought it would be even more cool to do something with Fleur & Manu.”

Check out the full video down below.

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