Jun 02, 2015
Watch Eric Prydz’ New High-Tech Video For ‘Generate’

Recently debuting his HOLO hologram at this year’s Ultra Music Fest, Eric Prydz is keeping the high-tech theme in place and unveiling the surreal new video for Generate.

Created by Bradley G. Munkowitz, otherwise known as GMUNK, the music video captures dazzling close-ups and angular footage that harken to the designer’s work on Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. As shown on the behind-the-scenes feature from The Creators Project, LED-swathed cube installations are filmed in varied degrees of distortion to catch the light refracting for impossibly detailed views. Of course, it’s all set to Prydz’ iconic synth work and catchy lyrics to make the perfect embodiment of light and sound.

Generate is available now.

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