May 09, 2014
WTF? Watch Dutch Group Attempt To Sing While Masturbating [NSFW]

If you didn’t know what was going on, you might think, “hey, these girls are really, REALLY passionate about their music. How great is that?”

Welp, as you’re already aware, what’s truly going on is far more, uh… stimulating, or at least, far more NSFW.

Pulse Radio made the find on this low-budget, low-rumbling video for Go To Go by ADAM, the female electronic trio from Holland who decided to have a go at singing the lyrics to their latest track while feigning climax. As expected, the lyrical accuracy drops off toward the end as the girls seem too “distracted” to get into it (the singing)… or was it the old headache excuse? Maybe just too tired? Nails to paint? #Selfies to take?

Learn more about ADAM here, and of course, watch the video below. More WTF!? action in music here

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