Aug 10, 2015
WATCH: deadmau5 Trolls Gamers With ‘Levels’ At Surprise Set

deadmau5 played a quick surprise set at the DotA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) championships in Seattle Aug. 8 that ended with him cutting the volume on Avicii’s Levels after the attendees much preferred it to Strobe.

The below video taken during the closing ceremony for The International 5, or TI5, comes in halfway through his 10-minute progressive epic, at which point he becomes visibly frustrated with the rows and rows of still bodies and looks to inspire some movement. Granted, this was an unannounced show for a group of people who might not be his biggest fans, and those chairs don’t look good for dancing, but the reaction to Avicii’s 2011 radio smash is unmistakable. They loved it (just ask the people :50, :57, or 1:08)–so much in fact that they can be heard crying when he suddenly cuts it out and flies around the stage like an eagle.

It’s a strange ending to a strange incident, and those don’t transpire in the gaming community without being discussed at length on Reddit and for deadmau5′ Twitter. What follows is nearly endless, but goes a little something like this (watch the video below):