Sep 25, 2015
WATCH: ‘Daft Punk Unchained’ Reveals Official Trailer

A camera shot of two men with bags over their heads with the statement, “we’re wearing these black bags because as Daft Punk we’re not showing our faces in pictures.” This is a cut from the just-released Daft Punk Unchained trailer, the first ever biopic to give an in-depth view into the lives of Daft Punk, and a curiosity that will be explored when the documentary is released later this year.

Director Hervé Martin Delpierre dives into the mysterious background of the two artists behind the Daft Punk masks, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. The trailer features multiple star cameos from Kanye West, Pharrell, Nile Rodgers, and a bespectacled Paul Williams crooning the lyrics to Touch from a dock.

Only time will tell what questions will be answered in the film, but you can check out the trailer below, and see the documentary when it gets its worldwide release before the end of 2015.

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