May 21, 2014
WARNING: Don’t Pet Posij’s ‘Lasercat’
Posij - Lasercat (Original Mix) [Division]
Posij - Misfits (Original Mix) [Division]
Posij - Windforce (Original Mix) [Division]

Dutch bass music scientist Posij emerged from the lab with enormous house cats outfitted with high-energy lasers and compelled them to duel using the sounds of his latest EP, Lasercat.

Our opener and title track scores the fierce initial charge with jutting bass grinds and what sounds like the oversized collar bells of the giant battle cats as they pull off slow-motion backflips without making a sound save for the hollow ding of their cowbell-sized collar ornaments.

Misfits brings a snarling drum & bass cut largely unburdened by skittering fill percussion for added emphasis on the shuddering synth, giving it an altogether mean attitude to keep these killer kitties in fighting mood.

Round three, Windforce, is a more calm, calculated affair as they face off in a thick fog of background synth to the sound of tribal drums and the hum of their lasers sweeping across the room in search of a killing stroke.

We end our showdown with a plaintive, piano-led swan song, because only one kitty can be the victor. I might just really want these things to be real, but Posij (“pose-eye” if you plan on saying it outloud in front of other people) and his EP provided me with the engaging feel of a narrative with distinctly styled acts thanks to his grasp of the different languages of bass.

Posij’s four-track Lasercat EP is available now on Beatport here via Division Recordings.

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