Feb 11, 2015
PREMIERE: Walden vs. Havana Brown – No Ordinary Love [Big Beat]
Walden Vs. Havana Brown - No Ordinary Love (Walden Festival Mix) [Big Beat]
Walden Vs. Havana Brown - No Ordinary Love (Funk Machine Remix) [Big Beat]

With Ultra Music Festival only six short weeks away, many of you are probably chomping at the bit for a little UMF-worthy big room. Enter Sydney-based producer Walden (pictured, left), who links up with fellow Aussie producer/vocalist Havana Brown (pictured, right) to bring us two different mixes of their new single No Ordinary Love, exclusively available on LessThan3.

We start things off with Walden’s Festival Mix, and within moments, it becomes clear that the song more than lives up to its name. Coupled with Havana’s own vocals (and lyrics from Sade’s hit song of the same name), this song is big with a capital “B”–big synths, bigger builds and breaks, and an even bigger climax. If you close your eyes, you can almost feel the confetti raining down from above the main stage in Miami. On the flip side is Funk Machine’s remix, a powerful, piano-driven bomb that has already received heavy support from Nicky Romero. Pick your poison-either way, you’re going to get a shining, soaring song that is as sweet as sin.

You can pick up both versions on Feb. 16 via Big Beat.

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