Mar 17, 2011
Wake Up, Sleepyhead
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix) [RMX]
Rusko - Woo Boost (Borgore Remix) [Mad Decent]
Borgore - Saturday Night (Original Mix) [Shift]

Today I’ve got three tracks by Borgore, a guy who has been making quite a name for himself, especially with his album Gorestep Vol. 1. His production skill combined with his musicality produces uncanny results that definitely distinguish him in the scene. Nothing but talent coming all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel.

First up is Saturday Night, a dubstep track unlike any I have heard before. After all, it is unusual to find a way for crazy fast rock to work with EDM. In fact, the drum pattern sounds distinctly like System of a Down. Wtf? Ya. Hell, for a few minutes of this track you’d think you were straight up in the middle of a moshpit, But then it breaks back down into a nice melodic section followed by a dubstep-ified version of that same sweaty mess that is pretty legit. Pretty interesting piece of music here.

Next up is a remix of Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. These guys should really give themselves a nice pat on the back, as their last album is certainly in the running for most remixed in the indie genre. The EDM world swallowed it whole and spit back out some incredible new renditions, and now we’ve got one more to add to the pre-existing list of remixes. Borgore’s touch on this track turns it into a chill, glitchy, grimy, 8-bit indie ride that you’re never going to want to leave.

The last remix on here is of Woo Boost, a track originally by none other than dubstep superstar Rusko. This one just keeps giving as it seamlessly blends high pitched glitchy sounds with get-down dubby basslines. Every element is stylized and well thought out, adding a layer of polish that makes it a definite standout. Enjoy people!

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