Oct 07, 2013
Waiting For The Binary Sun
Binary Finary - Waiting For The Sun (Original Extended Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary - Waiting For The Sun (Club Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary - Waiting For The Sun (James Dymond Remix) [Digital Society]

Binary Finary cemented themselves firmly in trance folklore with 1998/1999 and the multitude of remixes that many people associate the name with. But if you listen to the original, and some of the other material they put out at the time, you get an idea for what the real Binary Finary is about–organic, melodic trance music that somehow feels alive.

After a long hiatus from the scene, they’ve well and truly returned over the past few years, and their latest outing is Waiting For The Sun, a collaboration with Lele Troniq, also featuring the vocals of Christina Novelli. The track comes in three flavours, each offering a something completely different. The original is a melodic piece of progressive trance with a stunning break, Christina’s vocals soaring over some beautiful strings and pianos, before the drop, which features some tasty synth sounds–one thing that has always made Binary Finary stand out is sound design. The Club mix is a darker and more techy affair, which again features some great production techniques and an excellent drop. James Dymond, fresh off his 1998 rework, returns with a high energy remix that is hard and fast and has hints of psy-trance about it.

It’s great to see Binary Finary back on the scene and they’re certainly proving themselves as a force to reckon with. Waiting For The Sun is out now on Digital Society Recordings and is another chapter in what will hopefully be a long career for this legendary duo.

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