Jun 17, 2012
Von Don's Voodoo
Von Don - Voodoo (Original Mix) [Into The AM]

There’s a slight chance that you caught up-and-coming talent Von Don @ this year’s EDC in Las Vegas. They were a part of the EDC Discovery Project winners, granting them a slot at this year’s festival. If anybody caught them I’m curious as to what you thought, as just before they won this contest they released a pretty bomb new original titled Voodoo that really put a breath of fresh air into my house music folder.

There are two things that really make Voodoo stand out for me. First is the general sound Von Don went for in this track. It isn’t the most uplifting or biggest banger when it comes to its basslines or synths, but it is unique and for that it was memorable. Second and more importantly was the heart of the track, starting at the two-minute mark. These guys drop into a triplet pattern during the buildup, creating some real swerve in a 128bpm track. With an EDC win under their belt and this badass track gone public, I’m really curious to see how these young artists plan on finishing out 2012.

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