Jul 12, 2010
Josh Gabriel - Viscosity (Original Mix) [Different Pieces]

Simply put, Josh Gabriel’s latest release, Viscosity, is a beast of a track. This progressive gem doesn’t start with an introductory kick-drum like most EDM songs, but instead humbly introduces itself as a living, breathing thing. The San Fransisco based producer must have used close to 25 different tracks to create the early build-up which, although slow, effectively engulfs the listener in the song’s atmosphere. Around the 2 minute mark, Gabriel drops the long awaited beat he’s made everybody hungry for, and god dayum does it satisfy; think of Deadmau5’s FML done right.

With over 20 years of experience, it’s blatantly obvious that Josh Gabriel’s productions have become incredibly clean and crisp. People tend to think that the ability to envision a great song makes you something special, but it’s the ability to accurately translate that vision onto paper, an instrument, the studio, or a laptop that really sets producers apart these days.

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