Feb 17, 2012
Virtual Versatility
Virtual Boy - Motion Control (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]
Virtual Boy - Go Johnny, Yeah! (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]
Virtual Boy - Viking (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]

Virtual Boy never lets me down. From the first track I heard to their new self-titled LP (artwork above), I’ve been ever-impressed by their production and the strides in production they’ve made. To the surprise of many, Virtual Boy is actually a duo–a Classically trained duo, knee-deep in experimental electronica. Now after the release of 3 EPs, they have dropped their first album on us.

The album kicks off with Motion Control, an rock-inspired electro-ballad with a 100% chance of knocking your socks off. Motion Control begins the LP with a loud, yet warm sonic declaration: “Welcome to Virtual Boy; prepare for an electronic excursion!” My favorite track off of the release right now is definitely Go Johnny, Yeah! It’s funky and upbeat, and I’m really dig the versatilit it adds to the album. To round things out, I wanted to give you a look at Viking, as well. Viking showcases a side of Virtual Boy that listeners should definitely pay some respect to–a downbeat, melancholy side. These dudes know their music; you can really tell. I really hope that VB continues their journey in EDM, because we can learn a thing or two from them.

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