Nov 11, 2014
Take a 360-Degree Virtual Tour of TomorrowWorld 2014

While aftermovies have become the hottest new way to document modern-day festivals, Tomorrowland and ID&T have decided to take it a step further with a 360˚ virtual tour of TomorrowWorld.

From Dreamville to select mainstage performances, this GoPro-inspired, visual experience offers a first-hand look at all the action from Chattahoochee Hills and TomorrowWorld 2014. Partnered with YouVisit, the site allows you to soak up every piece of festival goodness as you embark on a self-guided tour from one end of the festival to the other. Never been able to attend? This digital adventure also features a complete layout of the event, and shows what you can expect from one of the most popular festivals in the U.S. It’s impossible to replicate the true magic of actually being at TomorrowWorld, but this project gets fairly close.

Check out all the action here. If you’re feeling inspired–and we think you are–you can purchase pre-sale packages for TomorrowWorld 2015 here.

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