May 04, 2012
Viper Introduces Seven Lions
Seven Lions feat Shaz Sparks - Below Us (Original Mix) [Viper]
Seven Lions - Tyven (Original Mix) [Viper]
Seven Lions - Isis (Original Mix) [Viper]

What more could a rising producer ask for than to get attention from those who have already made it big in the industry? Seven Lions is a young producer who has not just gained the attention from those who’ve made it, but from gargantuans on opposite sides of the spectrum. Our first glimpse of Seven Lions was with his dubstep remix of Above and Beyond’s You Got To Go, one of Anjunabeats’ standout dubstep tunes so far. I was amazed to see Seven Lions follow up that release with his original EP, Polarized, on Viper Recordings, one of the most respected bass labels in the world. So much attention so fast, you must be wondering what the buzz is about this guy. Press play and find out.

The EP opens with Below Us, a vocal dubstep tune that starts great and ends amazingly. Seven Lions gravitates toward deep, patient, plucking basslines, and holy hell do they kill in this tune. Vocals from Shaz Sparks really build a chorus that you want to hear, and the bridge sections are full of bright new elements that keep the song interesting and thorough from start to finish. Tyven is the breaksy cousin to Below Us, with cushy melodies and some deep, gulping bass that might offend those not amply prepared. Last is Isis, one of my personal favorites from the release. It was actually a free download, so grab the Egyptian ravestep track here.

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