Feb 26, 2014
Vindata’s ‘…For One To Follow’ EP Lives Up To Its Name
Vindata - ...For One To Follow EP (Teaser) [Symbols]

What is one foolproof method of determining the originality and quality of a particular artist? In my opinion, it’s when his/her music simply cannot be placed in a defined category or genre… that’s when it is truly unique.

That assumption definitely applies in the case of Vindata’s forthcoming EP, …For One To Follow. The Los Angeles-based duo comprising Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress released a preview of the EP Feb. 24, set for a March 4 release on Symbols Recordings. The preview is a four-track compilation of Vindata’s distinctive, soulful electronic beats, two tracks of which feature the sultry vocals of Kenzie May and Xavi & Ebonique.

Vindata’s style is a flawless layering of the dreamy, rhythmic R&B/hip hop that most of us grew up listening to and the glitchy, upbeat dance music that we’ve all grown to love. After listening to the preview, I can’t help but wonder if the title itself is referring to Vindata’s role as a musical tastemaker, suggesting that other musicians may follow in their footsteps.

For those who are digging this hybrid sound, be sure to catch Vindata at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on March 6, just a couple days after the official EP release. The night will feature a special showcase of artists on Symbols Recordings, which was founded in 2012 by fellow genre-defying producer Kastle. As the night’s headliner, Kastle will be supported by Ayah Marar, Sweater Beats, Lindsey Lowend, and of course, Vindata.

01. All I Really Need feat. Kenzie May
02. Bad Dreams
03. Recognize feat. Xavi & Ebonique
04. Exposé

Vindata EP

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