May 06, 2014
PREMIERE: Rashid Ajami – Rule The World (Sebastien Remix) [Video]

German newcomer Sebastien challenges Rashid Ajami (pictured) and his posse to a duel in the music video for his remix of Ajami’s Rule The World, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at it.

OK, so maybe the producers aren’t associated with the vigilante mobsters of this stark, black-and-white clip, but the question it poses is worth consideration nonetheless: If money was worthless, could you rule the world? What would that world even look like? And would you want to rule it? Sebastien and Ajami present us with one possible illustration of that scenario, but as to whether you’d sink or swim in this brave new world–well, that’s on you.

Sebastien’s remix comes from the Rule The World (The Mixes) pack, out now on Beatport via Yellowtail/Tiger Records. Check out the video below:

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