May 31, 2011
Vicious Kisses
Coyote Kisses - Starchaser
Coyote Kisses - Girlbreaker
Coyote Kisses - LazerSwag

If you took ’90s video game music, the background tune from every epic movie fight ever, and some nasty dancefloor vibes and rolled them all into one, Coyote Kisses is what you would end up with. In their music, long time friends Bryce Bresnan and Joseph Sussingham attempt to find a middle ground between dubstep and glitch hop that ends up sounding an awful lot like electro house.

Coyote Kisses carries a vibe like if The Glitch Mob and The Bloody Beetroots had a musical baby who was mentored by Freddy Todd. These guys aren’t big news yet, but their tracks are huge and guaranteed to get any dancefloor moving; If I was in a club and a DJ dropped Starchaser, I would go bananas.

Long story short, you need to check out Coyote Kisses. If you like glitch hop, dubstep, or progressive EDM in general, this glitchstep is pretty heavy, and really really good. The best part about these guys is that I can’t tell you which of their tracks is my favorite; they’re all so good. Based on their names alone, you know you’re in for an epic ride–Starchaser, Girlbreaker, and LazerSwag. Want to dance?

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