Aug 05, 2011
SubVibe - Damage (Original Mix) [Dirt, Lies & Audio Black]

Because of its immediate popularity here in the states, people are starting to think that dubstep is quickly growing both stale and saturated, but anytime I even start to get that feeling something ridiculously fresh kicks it up another notch or two.

Meet SubVibe, a new dubstep/dnb duo from London who just kicked it up three and a half notches. They’ve only got scattered singles and remixes around the web and on their YouTube channel, but with an upcoming EP it seems like these guys are on the brink of blowing up. Their original tune Damage is almost nothing but in-your-face, but also pulls off a unique melodic finesse. You’ve gotta hear the drumstep drop towards the end of the song–it takes the energy from a 10 to about an 18.

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