Apr 13, 2015
Verified Transcript Of Axwell Ingrosso’s NYT Interview

Axwell Ingrosso recently had an interview with The New York Times in which they commented, “Underground dance music–in the nicest way possible–it’s amateur,” sparking waves of public outcry and condemnation. The two producers have gone on to accuse the article’s writer, Joe Coscarelli, of taking the quote out of context, but LessThan3 has acquired the verified transcript from Coscarelli which suggests otherwise.

Joe Coscarelli: Is the success of it [Axwell and Ingrosso’s music] also validating? You can say, “Oh you techno purists might not like it, but look at all of these people who do.’
Axwell: We never say that.
Ingrosso: No, absolutely not.
Joe Coscarelli: But there’s something about populism that’s valid, right?
Ingrosso: Of course. People are like, ‘You’re a sell out.’ But wait: We did a Disney movie, for Monsters Inc. A track for the disco moment in that movie and people like, “Yeah, you sell out.” But if you take a normal guy, struggling making music on the street and ask him to make a song for Disney or McDonald’s, do you think they would say no?
Axwell: But what is interesting about what you say is that yes, if somebody says, ‘Oh you’re so commercial,’ yeah but look at how many people like the song — I would never use that argument.
Ingrosso: But we’ve been discussing this. Also, for the underground dance music — in the nicest way possible — it’s amateur. You understand what I mean? Like, they are amateurs in a nice, cool way — a charming, sexy way also. They are like, ‘We’re trying to make music but we can’t really,’ and people are like, ‘Wow, I really like your not-really-music that you can’t really make, but you’re making it.” And it’s a party and I understand — and I’ve been there myself. I like to go there sometimes and just drink, like, whatever. They make the best out of it.
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