Jan 12, 2011
VENT All You Want
Pixel Fist - Horrible (VENT Remix) [Rocstar]
Pearl & the Puppets - Smile (VENT Remix)
Dead Letter Circus - Cage (VENT Remix) [RMX]

VENT is a duo composed of Sam Ashwell (Abstrakt Knights) and Dan Havers (DC Breaks). They formed in 2008 with the premise of fusing styles, genres and tempos with one common feature: basslines. The track on this post, Horrible, definitely shows how well that worked out. Their remix is a combination of dubstep, breaks, drum’n’bass, and a bunch of other stuff thrown in for good measure. The result? dankness. The track is even somewhat comedic at times, like when before the first major dubstep section a vocal sample–“you horrible bastard”–plays over a chilled out ambient melody. That might really be what makes this such a standout track; seamless transitions between styles, flawlessly blended elements from across the board, and an overall unique vibe. No matter how many times I listen to it in a row, I keep finding different portions to become obsessed with.

The second track on here, Smile, originally by Pearl & the Puppets, is an excellent example of how diverse VENT’s tunes can be. This track is much more chilled out in comparison to Horrible. Smile is mostly taken over by the vocals that are carefully embedded into the dark dubstep wobs which energize this track with a seductive power that is irresistible. I can say without a doubt that you’re all going to love the hell out of this one.

Their newest remix, a take on Dead Letter Circus’ Cage, is another cross-genre monster. The vocal track reminds me a little bit of Panic! At The Disco, but don’t let that mislead you–the track has more than enough wobbly wob paired nicely with some melodic elements that give it a nice variety. While it is not as strong as the previous two tracks, this is definitely a hit worthy of mention.

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