Apr 09, 2012
Vava Voom!
Bassnectar - Ping Pong (Original Mix) [Amorphous]
Bassnectar feat Mimi Page - Butterfly (Original Mix) [Amorphous]
Bassnectar - Pennywise Tribute (Original Mix) [Amorphous]

Bassnectar is one of the rare acts in the EDM world who has built his own unique fanbase of diehards. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise though, considering not only the amount of shows this guy plays, but the frequency at which he puts out albums. One of the only artists who I’ll truly get excited to see an LP out from, Bassnectar truly knows how to diversify his tunes while still growing and developing his sometimes lucid, sometimes mind-shattering soundscapes.

His latest album, titled Vava Voom, releases tomorrow (4/10), and offers one of the most diverse 10-track selections since, welp… the last Bassnectar album. Ping Pong takes the fluttering samples of, you guessed it, a ping pong ball, and builds a severely hard-hitting bass tune around it, while Butterfly uses the Celtic chants of up and coming vocalist Mimi Page to create an ethereal hymn-like track built around atmosphere and emotion. The album even features Pennywise Tribute, Bassnectar’s rendition of Pennywise’s track Bro Hymn. Glance at the tracklist on this album and it might just come off as almost too diverse, but look at it knowing it is a Bassnectar album and you can do little but tip your hat to the guy, as nobody in the game can blend so many genres so seamlessly as Bassnectar. An incredible answer to his 2011 LP Divergent Spectrum, the artist in Lorin Ashton really shines through in this genre-tweaking album. Be sure to check out our recent interview with the man as well!

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