Feb 13, 2015
Vaski Shines Like ‘Starlight’ In Muse Remix
Muse - Starlight (Vaski Remix)

24-year-old LA native Alex Presley, aka Vaski, seems to have a knack for pulling off stunning remixes of beloved rocks songs. He recently obliterated The Strokes’ Machu Picchu; now he continues that trend, turning his considerable talents toward Muse’s Starlight, off their Black Holes and Revelations.

It’s hard to pin Vaski down into a specific genre because his production style is wildly unpredictable and varied. In this remix, he combines singer Matthew Bellamy’s moody vocals with some sweet synth-laden euphonies and heavy basslines to transform the English alternative rock band’s 2006 hit single into something truly otherworldly. The drop, which sees the singer’s soaring vocals take the lead as the driving force in the song, is incredibly euphoric.

No word on an official release date yet, but can you check out more from Vaski here.

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