Apr 10, 2014
UZ Unloads ‘Trap Shit 17/20′ For Free
UZ - Trap Shit V17 [Mad Decent]
UZ - Trap Shit V18 [Mad Decent]
UZ - Trap Shit V20 [Mad Decent]

photo: Rukes

When bass music’s enigmatic enemy of weak-a$$ trap invaded the scene in 2012 with his Trap Shit series, few assumed we’d still find ourselves in the very same line of fire a year-and-a-half later. But here we are, still dumbfounded and full of bullet holes as the masked machine-gunner UZ stands knee-deep in brass emptying his 20th clip.

Friendly fire might not be the right term here, but definitely consider these a gift, as UZ and Mad Decent/Jeffree’s teamed up again to offer Trap Shit 17/20 to fans today for free.

The latest volley strikes the primer with Trap Shit V17, an understated, minimal cut built on a thick bass foundation, rapid-fire snares, and delicate droplets plopped on top like cherries. Trap Shit V18 wobbles in on a clicky bassline before crafting three varying builds using an array of tweaked synth and bass rumbles. UZ enlists brief vocals from Compton’s own Problem on Trap Shit V19, while Trap Shit V20 finishes ‘em off with dank, dirty vibes and brassy horn bellows.

Pick up your free copies on his SoundCloud page here. High-quality WAV versions of the tracks are available to Mad Decent Premium members here.

UZ Trap Shit v17/20