Mar 19, 2014
UZ Says You Got ‘No Stripes’
UZ - No Stripes (Original Mix)

So you think you’re tough, huh, big guy? You think you could go toe-to-toe with the biggest and the baddest of ‘em all? Well, we’ve got the masked marauder UZ himself right here, and he’s telling everybody that you ain’t got No Stripes.

Nah, just kidding–UZ’s a real sweetheart underneath that off-putting mask. The mysterious producer dropped No Stripes yesterday as a way of thanking fans for helping him amass 100,000 “likes” on Facebook, and if the track’s uptempo, booty-bounce groove is any indication, he’d really like to see you twerk. Don’t let the disembodied, tough-guy vocal samples give you the wrong impression–everyone’s welcome to this party, so long as their booties are jiggling in the air by the time the beat drops.

Show UZ that you ain’t afraid of him by downloading No Stripes for free on SoundCloud.

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