Apr 28, 2015
UZ And 12th Planet Serve Up ‘Trap Shit V21′ + Remixes
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (Original Mix) [Free Download]
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (Stooki Sound Remix) [Free Download]
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (AWE Remix) [Free Download]
UZ feat. 12th Planet - Trap Shit v21 (Om Unit Remix) [Free Download]

After teasing fans by skipping straight to V24 of his Trap Shit series in March, masked trapster UZ unleashes the long-awaited collaborative V21 featuring 12th Planet.

Trap Shit V21 hits fans as a free-to-download EP featuring the original track plus three searing remixes by bass peers Stooki Sound, AWE, and Om Unit.

UZ’ latest original sports the enigmatic producer’s signature haunting bells, chimes, and similarly spooky sonic elements frequently heard in the series. But UZ draws as much of his power by leaving space empty as he does by filling it, and after 15-some-odd editions of Trap Shit, he has mastered the art of less is more. He prefers to imbue a smaller cross-section of sounds with more depth and effects, and this approach shows in the heavily reverbed accents and ornamentations that line V21.

London’s Stooki Sound takes a tip from the masked man and models their slightly slower remix in a similar minimal approach with some delicious 8-bit bass waves leading the charge.

LA’s versatile beatsmith AWE hands in hyphy trap-juke hybrid while the UK’s Om Unit finalizes the four-track EP with an upbeat, measurably brighter take, however neither remix is without UZ’ undeniably grim esthetic.

Pick up your free copy of the EP here, and catch up with more Trap Shit on the UZ SoundCloud page.

trap shit v21