Sep 12, 2014
‘Up All Night’ With Arty’s Remix Package
Arty - Up All Night (Slander Remix) [Insomniac/Interscope]
Arty - Up All Night (Lenno Remix) [Insomniac/Interscope]
Arty - Up All Night (MANIK Remix) [Insomniac/Interscope]

As Russian DJ/producer Arty preps his debut album for release on Insomniac and Interscope’s newly formed label, he drops the remix package for his highly energetic single, Up All Night.

The EP boasts remixes from Slander, MANIK, and Lenno that are each extremely unique and help to reinvent the track.

Arty picked a great group of producers to remix his single, starting with the insanely popular newcomers Slander. After releasing several huge trap edits, the two have put together their first official remix for Arty and completely knocked it out of the park. Adding their “heaven trap” touch, Slander transforms the electric original into a trap-laced banger. This remix is sure to get a lot of play at major festivals, especially as Slander continues to become a household name after the duo had the chance to sub in for a late Nicky Romero on the main stage of Nocturnal Wonderland last weekend.

Lenno’s remix is a completely different take on the original leaning more towards the dance-y, nu disco spectrum that he is well known for. His remix greatly leverages the funky bassline that can be heard in the original and brings it to the forefront the of the track. The disco guitars blend extremely well with singer Angel Taylor’s voice, creating a party-starting production.

The final remix of the package is yet another completely different take on Arty’s original as MANIK provides a deep house track chock-full of cymbals and bass. Out of the three remixes, MANIK’s is by far the most minimal, taking the energy down a bit, but making up for it with bouncy bass and underground vibes.

The remixes are now available and can be downloaded from Beatport here.

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