Oct 26, 2010
Unleash Greatness
Dada Life - Unleash The F***ing Dada (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]

Dada Life must have some seriously hefty balls to name their track Unleash The F***ing Dada. What might be called a “risky” move like this, however, is never called that for long–in this case, we call it “brilliant,” friends. F***ing brilliant. This track is the culmination of multiple absolute bangers that Dada Life have been responsible for lately. It is a unification of their unique sounds into something clearly recognizable as their work, and a testament to why they are on our watch list.

Need more evidence? Try their recent remix featuring vocals by Dragonette, Hello, or their work with Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tomorrow. I promise you won’t be disappointed. LessThan3 has seen these guys perform several times, most notably at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) this year. They are an act worth seeing live so you can witness the incredible energy these two have on stage. So check out their tracks, check out the video, check them out live, and enjoy the f***ing Dada.

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