Aug 28, 2011
Under Raw Bass
Evol Intent feat Jackie B - Under (Original Mix)
Evol Intent - Raw Bass Material (Original Mix)

While everyone knows that the UK is the origin of dubstep and drum’n’bass (with labels like Shogun, Hospital, and Circus calling it home, there’s no doubt), the recent years have only seen a shift of power outwards. Evol Intent is no stranger to the modern years of bass-heavy EDM, having made their name in 2008 with their acclaimed Era of Diversion album. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the American trio certainly suggests that innovation in these genres was no longer exclusive to the island kingdom perhaps earlier than most think.

Supposedly due for another full-length album this year, Evol Intent graced us last week us with a two-song EP preview. Under pulses with a dark bassline that contrasts sharply with the angelic female vocals laid on top–reminds me of Document One’s remix of Borgore’s Someone Else’s. Raw Bass Material makes no such attempt to soften the grime factor, opting to tweak and bend that dirty sound into the very melody itself. Keep an ear out for the full-length album; chances are that you’ll experience it firsthand on the dancefloor.

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