Mar 06, 2015
Ultra Music Festival Bans Raver Gear

Miami’s world-famous Ultra Music Festival has changed its policies, and its new list of restricted items don’t look to be too “PLUR” friendly for the raver community.

While the exact reasoning behind the decision is not exactly clear, festival authorities have expanded the list of items that will not be allowed into this year’s event. Alongside the standard “no illicit drugs or weapons” policy, attendees will not be admitted to bring in traditional rave items like plush animals, pacifiers, glow sticks, and whistles, among other things.

Also at the bottom of the list is a “no pole or tree climbing” rule, but it says nothing about making out with trees, so the girl who infamously got down with a tree at Ultra in 2013 is still safe from the restrictions.

You can read the full list of policies at Ultra’s website here.

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