Oct 01, 2011
Ultra Hard
Ado - The Ultra (Original Mix) [Blood Music]
Ado - Age (Original Mix) [Blood Music]
Ado - Voids (Original Mix) [Blood Music]

The newest addition to Fake Blood’s exclusive Blood Music label comes via the other side of the pond. Ado may not be that well-known on the electro circuit yet, but after his EP, The Ultra, that may very well change. The biggest names in electro have been giving it nothing but praise. Here’s what some had to say:

Harvard Bass: “This EP is well put out! I’m really into The Ultra, definitely adding to my set.”
Crookers: “All the tracks are stoopid tremors!”
Jack Beats: “Ultra is a banger”
Andy George: “Holy Mother of God. Age is huge. Will be supporting in a big way!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. But just in case, let me add a few lines of praise to the mix. The whole EP bangs ridiculously. A lot of electro house has been sounding watered down lately, and this guy finally comes along with some ground-shaking bangers–just what the doctor ordered. From the title track to Voids, the whole EP gives a big middle finger to everything you thought had been done already in electro. Melodious elements combine with stylistic synth chords to create dark, yet artistic EDM. Well done, Ado.

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